Campbells Auto Sales - Traditional Values in Auto Shopping

When you step inside Campbell's Auto Sales at 711 Coverdale Rd., Riverview, it is like stepping back in time. A time when Coke was five cents a bottle and gas was twenty cents a gallon. In fact, an antique gas pump and a antique coke machine are only two of the many pieces of memorabilia that help make Campbell's unique. It was a time when people conducted business as friends, when there was more to doing business then being the fastest, or having the latest gimmick. People want to deal with people, on a personal basis. We believe that consumers miss the relationship aspect that was so much a part of doing business in days gone by. We hear so much talk about "new and improved", but we feel it is hard to improve on a time when you really knew and liked the folks you did business with. There was a feeling of trust cultivated through honesty and integrity that is rare in business today. Rare yes, but amply displayed in the day to day atmosphere at Campbell's auto. There is a definite feeling of being welcome from the moment you enter the establishment
Satisfaction is probably the single biggest reason that the little car lot originally at 395 Coverdale Rd. was able to expand to the current facility. From a humble 8' x 16' office to a brand new building which boasts a showroom and state of the art repair shop with four fully licensed mechanics  

A good Name Is more Desirable Than great riches to Be Esteemed is better than silver or gold

                                                                                                   Prov 22:1